Outdoor, Landscape and Nature Photography

Ed’s passion for digital nature photography comes from a lifelong love of the outdoors. He takes breath taken photos of the wildlife, flowers, barns, animals, sunsets, sunrise and much more.




Latest News

Come and visit often, as Ed posts new pictures taken as he travels Minnesota and other parts of the US. He also shares tips on how to take great digital photos.

Outdoor Photography Lighting: Perfecting Sunrise & Sunset Pictures

Here are some bits and pieces of what I have learned about outdoor photography lighting, more specifically when it comes to taking sunrise and sunset pictures. Someone once said that a photographer uses light as his paintbrush. Whether using available light or fill in...

About My Landscape Photos

Our landscape is boundless and encompasses the scenic beauty of the world. This scenery is the backdrop of our planet. It’s so large that it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to capture with a camera. I continue to study and try various methods to convey incredible...

Canvas Gallery Wrap Information

Our canvas gallery wrapped prints provide a subtle elegance to any environment and are a perfect way to add character, depth and value to your room. Using state-0f-the-art printing technology and the highest quality printing materials, our canvas art prints provide...