Ed Johnson

About Me

Capturing the beauty of nature with an eye of a camera!

Ed Johnson is an outdoor, landscape & nature photographer in Minnesota. His passion for digital nature photography comes from a lifelong love of the outdoors. He has been interested in photography for most of his adult life and started getting serious about it in 2004 and decided to make it a profession shortly thereafter.

After hunting and fishing for 60 years, Ed started to notice that the beautiful & historic barns that lined the countryside of the Dakotas and Minnesota were disappearing. His decision to capture this iconic, yet dying, part of American history led to the inception of BarnsandMoreOnline.com, now edjohnsonphotography.com.

Now in addition to barn photos, Ed has expanded his business to include nature photography and wildlife photography of all kinds. In addition to his photography in MN, he has expanded to various locations in the United States.

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